Article on “Befriending your Ex” may be a helpful resource

“Divorce Magazine” offers an article on “Befriending your Ex” by Judith  Ruskay Rabinor, PhD.
Although I know that some of you may be shaking your heads right now and thinking, “It will never work in my situation”, there are a few reasons why I think this article may still be worth a look.

  1. Things do change with time.   Even for the most stubborn and grudge-holding person, life goes on.  New relationships and less control and connection on a daily basis between two former spouses can work wonders.
  2. Even if one person makes an internal change, it’s still a change.  What if your ex is the same old meanie, but you learn not to let it eat you up inside?  Score one for you!
  3. This article has a lot of good, practical advice.   When NOT to attempt a friendship with your ex (s/he is physically or emotionally abusive, out-of-control or dangerous);   Why you should try it (good for the kids and your own well-being, among other things); and tips for beginning the process slow and easy.
At Kalish Law Officewe have been representing divorce clients for approximately 30 years!  Attorney Bob Kalish was a psychologist prior to becoming an attorney and was trained in understanding human behavior and response to stress and trauma.  Attorney Sio Ramirez Pitre has been representing divorce clients for several years, and has experience in understanding the legal and practical difficulties of all types of divorce situations.
Click here for the issue of the magazine containing the feature article. Credit and thanks to “Divorce Magazine” and Dr. Rabinor!
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