Bringing Sexual Abuse to Light

Abuse should not be taken lightly. With the conviction and imprisonment of Larry Nassar, we see actual consequences being served for those who have participated in these despicable actions. To our readers who have experienced sexual assault/abuse, we hope you are able to work and move past your trauma. We hope you someday become brave enough to bring your abuser to light. To our readers who haven’t experienced sexual assault/abuse, we hope that you never have to live through the trauma that results from such abuse. We also urge you to believe those victims brave enough to come forward. It is important to stay in solidarity with those who have.

With a surge in both men and women bravely coming forward with their traumatic experiences, we have entered an empowering age for victims everywhere. After centuries of being ignored and dismissed, victims of sexual assault and abuse are finally being taken seriously across the globe.

It takes bravery to come forward. It is absolutely horrific to hear the stories of real trauma.

If you have experienced sexual assault of any sort and need to talk with someone about this issue, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

If you need legal assistance, schedule a consultation with the Kalish Law Office today. Contact us at 281-363-3700.

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