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New Client FAQ:


To respect your valuable time, we encourage all new and prospective clients to be aware of the following BEFORE their consultations and attorney meetings. Also, please fill out the Consult sheet attached below to further expedite the process.

Click here for Consult Sheet

1. What should I say when I call or email the firm?  

When you first contact the law firm, be prepared to briefly state what issue you have. (For example:  “I need to file for a child support increase”, or “I am thinking of starting a new business.” ) By stating what you need, the staff will be able to direct you to the attorney who is best suited to handle your case.

2. How can I get the most from my consultation time?  

Prepare a brief summary of the problem or question and what you are asking for. For example, do you want to have your attorney negotiate for you? Do you want to file suit? Do you want guidance in how to handle the matter yourself? Do you just need to know your rights, duties, and options?

3. What should I bring to the consult?  

Gather and bring any documentation that might be important to the case, especially if the case involves a contract, deed, or decree.  If you have been sued, be sure to bring the original citation that you were served.

4. Do I need to make copies before I come?  

It is a good idea to make copies of anything that you want to leave with the lawyer if you decide to hire him/her. Except in rare circumstances, it is best for you to retain your original documents.  Making an additional copy in advance can save time and expense and will allow each of you to review the same document while talking about the case.

5. Why can’t the law firm tell me how much I will have to pay for my particular type of case before I come in?

Each case has many variables.  At the consult, the attorney will ask many questions and then will be able to give you an estimate of the time and money that are likely to be involved.  It is important to build trust in the attorney/client relationship from the very beginning.  For that reason, it is best for the estimate to be a realistic, informed one, taking into account all the variables in the particular situation and tailoring it for your specific needs.  This will allow you, the attorney, and staff to budget adequate time and resources to properly handle the case.

6. What if I just want to pay a consultation fee and don’t want to retain the lawyer for additional work?

That is no problem. There is no further obligation to retain the lawyer for additional work. A consultation can be an information-gathering session that can help you understand your rights and options.

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