Divorce vs. Graduation: Don’t Let Legal Battles Interfere with Your Child’s Enjoyment of Graduation!

As we near graduation season, some might wonder how they can bear to be around the person they are divorcing or divorced from.  Don’t let legal squabbles spoil this important milestone for your child. Now is an important time to draw your graduating children a little closer. Things are coming to an end sooner than we might like. Taking the time to enjoy what time left you have with your child before they embark on a world-changing journey can truly brighten your spirits in the midst of such stress. Prioritize your family and consider their wants and needs during this time. Carpe diem is a phrase in Latin which encourages us to seize the day. Embrace this sentiment and use it as a mantra as a new chapter opens for your child. You don’t want your child to remember parental arguments and awkwardness when he or she looks back on graduation. Words of encouragement and a united expression of pride from both parents goes a long way in the mind of your child.  This applies to stepparents, too!

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