Domestic Abuse and Sexual Abuse Towards Men

Lately we have heard a lot of stories in the news bringing forth the victims of abuse. Often times, these victims are women. It is heartbreaking to see anyone experience these hardships.

Men also may experience abuse. However, men’s stories detailing their accounts of abuse towards them are sometimes discredited. We all need to look at abuse in a new light, one that recognizes and incorporates the experiences of male victims as well as female victims’. Having a double standard hurts a significant portion of the population and discourages other victims from coming forward. We need to believe and support male victims as strongly as we do those who are female.

At the Kalish Law Office, we support and fight for all victims of domestic and sexual abuse. If you or a loved one is in need of legal services, please schedule your consultation with the Kalish Law Office at 281- 363-3700.

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