Help With Business Licenses and Permits

Business Licenses and Permits

When starting a new business, it is very important to be sure that you have the proper licenses and permits.

This can be confusing territory to navigate if you haven’t done it before.

Here are some ways that you can be sure that you are compliant:

1.        Talk to others with experience in your field

2.       Ask advice of the professionals that you are using to help you (CPA, Relator, business attorney)

3.       Check out the Small Business Association page for “Find Licenses and Permits” to start your checklist.

4.       Do other research online or at the library

5.       If you have a professional license check your licensing board or association’s website

6.       If you deal with hazardous materials, check the appropriate state and federal websites

7.       Attend available seminars created for this purpose from the SBA, Texas Workforce Commission, or your professional licensing board or professional association.

Be aware that there are many requirements that are particular to each situation and profession and you may have to check several sources to be sure that you become (and stay) compliant.  Don’t take a chance on getting a fine!

Once you get the licenses and permits in order, scan the paperwork so that you have a digital copy, and add calendar notifications to tell you when they need to be renewed.

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