Siomara Ramirez Pitre (Attorney)

Siomara Ramirez Pitre, Attorney / Mediator

Alternative Dispute Resolution

To Attorneys, Counselors, & Other Professionals:
A Message from Sio Ramirez Pitre:

We are happy to assist you and your clients with your mediation needs. We have two conference rooms and a comfortable location with easy access to I-45, located conveniently in The Woodlands.

We have staff members and an attorney who are bilingual in Spanish/English.

I am pleased to announce that after 15 years of practice I am now a Family Law Mediator. I will be mediating at my office and traveling to other locations as well.  I bring my courtroom experience to the mediation setting to share with your clients in order to help them reach a solution that is right for them.

I read, write and speak fluent Spanish. I enjoy assisting my clients in the art of negotiating good settlements and now I want to do that for your clients. 

As an introductory rate I will hold mediation for $300 per party for half day.

Our office has two conference rooms and a full staff ready to assist your needs.

Call our office at 281-363-3700 to schedule.

–       Sio Ramirez Pitre

A Note for People Who are Participating in the Mediation Process for the First Time:

A mediator is an important professional who can help parties settle a dispute.  With the help of a professional mediator, the participants are assisted, (not forced), in reaching a solution to their issues. Alternatives are presented and discussed.
Mediation may be court-ordered or it may be voluntary. Some people even go to mediation prior to filing a court case.  Parties who do so may be under a prior court order (or may be obligated by a contract they signed) to mediate before filing a suit.
What happens in mediation is confidential and the parties can’t use it against each other later on. The confidentiality of mediation is one reason why people find it less intimidating than the courtroom. Mediation occurs in a more comfortable setting, removing a lot of the stressors that are present in court and allowing the parties to hear and see each other as human beings.

We are proud to add mediation to the services that we provide here at Kalish Law Office.


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