Complex Marital Assets and Divorce

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When a couple has high-value marital assets, one or more businesses, or significant separate property concerns, division of property in a divorce can be complicated, frustrating and adversarial.

In such situations, it is important to be sure that the attorneys involved in the case understand the financial picture, and have the experience to deal with it.

If a couple has a large, high-dollar marital estate, it is important to have a proper valuation and division of the property.  This becomes even more crucial in today’s economy.    Proper division of debt is just as important as division of assets!  The family law attorneys at Kalish Law Office will help you understand and evaluate your immediate needs as well as how your divorce may affect your future financial picture.

The Kalish Law Office has the experience to assist clients in dividing complex marital assets. We will work with you and other financial professionals, when warranted, to be certain that you have all of the information that you need to preserve your assets and plan for your future.

A disparity in income-earning ability between the spouses is another concern that may need to be addressed. Factors that will weigh into this evaluation include education, health of the parties, ability to work, willingness to work, length of the marriage and whether there are minor children of the marriage.  Payment of spousal support and child support will be evaluated when appropriate.

Ownership of a business can create its own unique fact pattern.  The ability to keep a business running without disruption, while the divorce is pending, and work to insure its continued successful operation after the divorce is final is an important goal.

Assets with values that are not easily determined must be given careful consideration. At Kalish Law Office, our divorce and family law attorneys can assist you with the valuation and division of pension plans, 401K plans, stock options, bonuses, commissions, military and government pensions, royalties, and real estate.

We can help you find hidden bank accounts, other hidden assets and determine whether there has been marital fraud.

Our family law and divorce attorneys in Spring and The Woodlands can help you preserve the assets you have worked so hard to obtain.   Our Montgomery County divorce attorneys are experienced in collaborative law, mediation and/or consultation with other professionals.  Because our firm has extensive experience with business law and estate planning, we are able to integrate the various aspects and considerations of your case in order to help you in your complicated, high assets divorce, and look to the future.

If you have questions about divorce and family law, contact our firm.  We have an attorney and legal assistant who are fluent in Spanish and have evening office hours available.

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