The Kalish Law firm has been serving family law clients since 1984. Divorce can be a very difficult time both financially and emotionally. Our divorce and family law attorneys have experience in negotiation, settlement and collaborative divorce.  Our attorneys have years’ worth of experience in family law trials in front of judges and juries. Each of our divorce attorneys has several years experience in family court in Montgomery County, Harris County, Walker County and surrounding counties and several years experience in courtroom hearings and family law trials.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU:  The Kalish Law attorneys have the experience, ability, and desire to respond to you and your case as an individual situation. Although all divorce cases have some common elements, each case is different.  In some cases, it may be better to settle out of court, while other cases must be taken to trial.  The Kalish Law attorneys will work with you to help you determine which strategy is best for you.

Contrary to what many people think, attorneys do not expect you to come to a consultation knowing exactly what you want to do. Divorce and family law attorneys are counselors and are there to counsel and guide you through the entire process.   If divorce is a possibility, it can be very helpful to talk to an attorney for guidance before you are ready to file. Planning in advance can help you feel more in control of your own life, and can help you make better financial and emotional decisions.  The attorneys at Kalish Law Office are skilled in helping clients analyze their options and make informed decisions about separation, divorce and community property division.

If you have filed or are about to file for divorce, you and your spouse will need to know who will pay bills, and what you will do about child visitation and child support, while the divorce is pending.   “Temporary Orders” are court orders which deal with these issues. They are signed by a judge and will remain in effect until the divorce is final, or until further order of the court.

The terms of the temporary orders may be reached by negotiation between the parties, a mediation agreement, or a hearing in front of the judge, or a combination of the above.

A court hearing on temporary orders can happen very quickly after the divorce petition is filed. In many divorce cases, the parties really need immediate direction on what to do about these issues.

Temporary orders are court orders and like any court orders, a person who violates them is subject to contempt.

The temporary orders can be a great relief to the parties, because they remove guesswork.   If you are wondering, “How do I get my spouse to move out of the house?” or “who will pay the house payment or pay the bills while I am getting my divorce?” you will find your answer in your temporary orders document. Since the orders tell the parties what to do about child support, and give visitation specifics, there is a good possibility that many misunderstandings can be avoided.
In some Texas counties, there are automatically certain orders in effect from the time a case is filed. If you have been served with a divorce action, it is important that you are aware of what you can and cannot do (in relation to property and children) so that you do not violate a court order.  

In Texas, where there is no such thing as “legal separation”, temporary orders are the closest thing to a “separation agreement” that exists.

At Kalish Law Office in The Woodlands, our divorce attorneys can help you decide whether you need temporary orders in your divorce, and guide you in your decisions about payment of bills, reasonable child support and visitation.

If you have been served with a divorce citation, it is important to pay attention to your answer date.  You will need to plan on how to respond to the suit, and will need to be sure that you understand the process of divorce and have someone on your side to represent your interests.  At Kalish Law Office, we will explain what you can expect from your Texas divorce, and explain all of the options that you have.

Our family law attorneys in The Woodlands can assist you with property division in your divorce. We will draft deeds and other documents to help divide the property that you are awarded in your divorce and will guide you through the steps in your divorce proceedings from start to finish.

In some cases, clients find that there are remaining property issues several months or years after the divorce is final. Our firm is prepared to assist our clients in handling unresolved issues and completing final paperwork.
The divorce attorneys at Kalish Law Office are experienced in handling divorce cases where children are involved, and can assist you with your legal concerns about visitation and custody during your divorce, and in the final decree.  


For information on how our divorce and family law attorneys in The Woodlands handle high asset divorce and complicated divorce cases, as well as child support, custody and visitation matters, please click on our other pages about our practice areas.

If you have questions about divorce and family law, contact our firm.  We have an attorney and legal assistant who are fluent in Spanish and have evening office hours available.


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