Stop Domestic Violence – “It’s Never Too Late to Change the Road You’re On”

Stop Domestic Violence
Domestic violence hurts, kills, and ruins lives.  The effects are felt for years, generations even.

Making a change requires determination and a willingness to ask for help.

While traveling in Fort Worth, I happened to see the beautiful artwork above, which is located at Safe Haven of Tarrant County. At Safe Haven, help and resources can be found for dealing with domestic violence.   There are resources available for victims of domestic violence, as well as resources for batterers who are ready to make a fresh start. There are volunteer opportunities and a 24-hour crisis hotline.
Here in Montgomery County, Texas, the Montgomery County Women’s Center works to help families and individuals affected by domestic violence.
If you, or someone you know is trapped in a cycle of domestic violence, it is not too late to make changes. A family law attorney can assist in getting a restraining order and helping you to understand your legal rights.  Domestic violence happens at all income levels and in many types of relationships. If you are a victim of abuse or control, you may have been told that no one will believe you, that no one will help you and that you are not legally entitled to anything because that is a way that an abuser maintains control.  People who grow up seeing and living with abuse can grow up to be abusers or victims themselves.  It is never too late to break the cycle.   Know your rights.
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