Using Mediation in Elder Care Disputes

October is Mediation Month!  Most people have heard of mediation as a method of alternative dispute resolution. What people don’t know is the versatility of mediation!  The term “going to mediation” usually brings up images of  a divorce case, or a business case.  But mediation is a lot more versatile than that!

Mediation is a wonderful tool for any dispute involving family members, especially when those disputes involve care of an elderly family member.   Planning elder care can be tricky, and family members may have strong feelings about what is best, and about what is practical.  Mediation can provide a safe, respectful environment to hash out those differences.

Another good thing about mediation;  it can be used prior to litigation and instead of litigation. It does not always have to be used with litigation.

If we can help you by scheduling a mediation session with one of our mediators, please call us for more information.

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