What are Your Goals for the New Year?

The start of a New Year is an excellent time to evaluate your life and set some goals! Whether you call them goals, wishes or resolutions, there is a feeling of promise about starting a fresh new year.

One efficient way to focus your energies is to make a list of the different areas of your life. Then you can decide what you want to accomplish in each area.

For example:

  1. Personal/ Family Life
  2. Health/ Nutrition
  3. Work/Career/ My Business
  4. Spiritual/ Helping others
  5. Time with Friends/Neighbors
  6. Personal Growth/ Learning
Don’t forget #6! It is important to actually schedule some time for yourself. Everyone needs it and by treating yourself well you are able to treat others well, too.
Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year! #newyearsresolutions
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