When Emotions are Involved, there are no “Easy Cases”

There are no easy cases really. Sure some cases are less complicated legally but there is always an emotional factor. Whether you are going through a divorce which seems simple or going to court for a probate matter in which a loved one died, you should be prepared to feel emotion over these life changing events. Change is hard, especially when you wish that the change had not happened. Even when if two people wanted a divorce and agree that it was best, there are still feelings of loss. When a loved one who was suffering dies, there are still strong feelings of grief. Feelings of sadness, loss and grief are common and this is normal. You can be honest with your lawyer about your feelings. You should also be honest with your family and yourself because this will help you get through these feelings.
Becoming angry, frustrated or explosive without really knowing why is an indication that you are not dealing with your grief. Even in situations that seem clear-cut, it is a good idea to acknowledge the grieving that occurs. Knowing the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) can be an important tool to help you understand the process. 
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